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Multan is a historical city known as the City of Saints. Multan is famous for its historical tombs and Sohan Halwa. Multan is also popular for the production of Mangos. Multan is Pakistan's 7th biggest city. Multan is situated on the Chenab River's bank. Multan is home to many Top-rated tourist places. 

Multan is a city in southern Punjab, Pakistan. Multan is one of the oldest cities in Pakistan and has a history dating back to the time of Alexander the Great. The city is known for its many Sufi shrines and is a major centre of Sufism in Pakistan. Multan is also home to a number of historical sites, including the Tomb of Shah Rukn-e-Alam, the Mausoleum of Baha-ud-din Zakariya, and the Shrine of Shah Ali Akbar.

Tanveer Rajput TV collected data on the top 10 places to visit in Multan. There are many famous places in Multan and some of them are beautiful places in Multan. Multan's top ten tourist attractions are listed below.

1. Shah Rukn E Alam Tomb

Shah Rukn E Alam Tomb

Shah Rukne Alam's tomb is situated inside the Multan Qila. Multan Qila is located at the centre of the city of Multan. Sheikh Rukn-ud-Din Abul Fateh, a Sufi saint, is buried here. Between 1320 and 1324 AD, Ghiyas-ud-din, the Tughluq king of Delhi, built this mausoleum. It's octagonal, with a 15-meter internal diameter.

2. Monument of Van Agnew (Qasim Bagh)

Monument of Van Agnew

The Vans Agnew monument can be found within Qasim Bagh, which is within Kohna Fort Multan. He was a British civil official. He was killed by Sikh Govt and then the British occupied Multan after a bloody battle he was buried in Fort Kohna Multan a monument was made. 

3. Chaman e Zar Askari Park

Chaman e Zar

Chaman Zar is an amazing place for families to see in Multan. It is locally known as Jheel because It contains a small lake in which you can ride a speed boat or cycle boat. Chaman Zar is located near Yadgar e Shuhada in Multan Cantonment. This park also contains many rides including Dragon and train rides. This park is very popular among the Multanis, as other family parks like Jinnah Park and Shah Shams Park are now closed. 

4. Damdama


This is an art gallery located inside Multan Qila. It contains a photo gallery of various historical events. its second floor is very famous among the locals as it gives a view of the whole of Multan. 


5. Garrison Public Library, Multan

This is a great place to study peacefully in Multan. It contains a wide range of books. This library is situated in Multan Cantonment Area. You can purchase the monthly plans for using the library books and take them home.

Garrison Public Library, Multan


6. Multan Art Gallery

Multan Art Gallery

This is a great place to see in Multan. It contains a photo gallery of various historical events in Multan. This gallery contains pictures of various invaders such as Alexander the Great, Muhammad bin Qasim, Sher Shah Suri, and various British emperors. Entry into this art gallery is free. This art gallery is located near MDA Square Multan.

7. Park of Shah Shams Multan

On Eidgah Road, near Shah Shams' mausoleum, Shah Shams Park can be found. Shah Shams Tabriz, a well-known Sufi saint, is honoured in this lovely garden. Flowers, fountains, grass courts, and other attractions abound at Shah Shams Park. They also feature a play area with a small lake and a variety of rides for kids and families to enjoy.

8. Chenab River View

The Chenab River is a great opportunity for the people of Multan to have a picnic. In winter, you can ride the river a lot. Many eyes can be seen riding horses and camels on the shore.

9. Yadgar e Shuhada 

Yadgar e Shuhada is located in Multan's Cantonment neighbourhood, on Shershah Road. The most beautiful place in Multan is the Yadgar-e-Shuhada (Martyrs' Memorial), which is composed entirely of white marble. This memorial was constructed in honour of the troops who died in the Pakistan-India war. 

10. Khuni Burj (Blood Bastion)

The Khuni Burj was named after a notable incident in Multan. Many battles were fought here. They say that Alexander the Great died of an arrow, he got here. In addition, the British troops and the Sikhs fought a deadly fight against this stronghold. The bastion is very important for these two reasons.

11. Fort Kohna (Multan Fort)

Fort Kohna is a 2600-year-old fort. The structure is approximately 7,000 feet long and 40 feet broad. The structure was constructed to protect Multan's city against attackers from the west and north. This fort may be found in the heart of Multan.

12. Bahauddin Zakariya Shrine

The Bahauddin Zakariya Shrine was built in the 13th century. Bahuddin Zakiriya was also Rukn-e Alam's grandfather, a well-known saint buried 500 meters southwest on a splendid mausoleum. During his youth, Zakariya travelled across the Islamic world after the death of his father at the age of 12 and visited Khurasan, Bukhara, and Medina. 

13. Clock Tower Multan 

Multan's Clock Tower is a historical site and a popular tourist destination in Multan. It was constructed under the British Raj around 1884 AD. Multan's clock tower took nearly four years to complete. Taking an auto-rickshaw to Ghanta Ghar is the most convenient method to get about. The Clock Tower is also close to Multan's Fort Kohna Qasim Bagh.

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