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Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan. Karachi is the city of lights with a population of around 30 Million. It is situated on the seashore. That increases its beauty and importance. In this blog, we will tell you about the top 15 known and unknown beaches in Karachi.

Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan and the sixth most populous city in the world with a population of over 20 million people. It is located on the eastern coast of the country and is the economic and cultural capital of Pakistan. Karachi is also the capital of the Sindh province.

Karachi was founded in 1749 by the Nawab of the Indus River Valley, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. It quickly became the focal point of the Islamic Revival in the region and became an important centre of learning. The city rapidly grew in importance and by the early nineteenth century, it had become one of the largest cities in the world. Karachi was captured by British troops in 1849 and became part of the British Raj. The city continued to grow in importance and by the beginning of the twentieth century, it was the largest city in British Era.

1. French Beach

French beach is a small fishing point for Karachi's upper class. however, locals know this beach as "Haji Ismail goth". This beach is surrounded by walls. This beach is rocky and only pure water so it is a great place to surf during the monsoon season. If you visit this beach, you can grab some necessary stuff like Food, drinks, equipment, etc. 

2. Mubarak Village Beach

It is the second-largest fishing spot in Karachi located in Kimari Town. Kimari is located in the West district near the Arabian sea. It is 30 km away from the city, where the population is above 10k. Villagers are mostly Baloch. who want to go to Churna island will go from Mubarak village. Churna Island has situated 1 hour away from Mubarak Village, which has become the main attraction of water sports. 

3. Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach is located between hawks bay and Sandspit beach. This beach is the home of green turtles. In the winter season, after sunset, you can watch these turtles. Bluewater is the major attraction of turtle beach Karachi. Turtle Beach is the famous and best spot for tourists in Karachi. This is a sandy beach with no stones. In the Summer season, green and olive turtles come there to give eggs. 

4. Clifton Beach

Clifton beach is located in the Arabian Sea (from Karachi to Ormara beach Balochistan). This is a famous beach in Pakistan and is always open to common people. Do Darya restaurant is located near this beach but this is the place for cultural food and seafood in Karachi. Those who pay a visit to Clifton Beach must go to the Do Darya restaurant. At the end of the 20th century, Huffington Post regarded this beach as the "Most Famous Beach in Karachi".

5. Hawke's Bay Beach

Hawke's Bay is 20 kilometres southwest of Karachi. Bladen Wilmer Hawke, who had a beach home in the 1930s, is remembered as the beach's namesake. Hundreds of tourists visit the beach every day for swimming, camel and horseback riding, and vacations. 

6. Nathia Gali Beach

The beach of Nathia Gali is located 40 kilometres southwest of Karachi. The final point on Karachi's coastline is Nathiagali Beach, which is a naval facility. Access to this beach is RESTRICTED. You can only travel if you have a senior-ranking military link and are accompanied by your host. Your host will need to make a reservation through his or her unit in advance.

7. Russian Beach Karachi

Russian beach is located near Mazar Road, Bin Qasim Town. The Pakistan Steel Mill was built with Russia's assistance. This area of the land was chosen as a recreation area for Russian Engineers. For those interested in fishing, this beach is very appealing. It offers an abundance of lovely cottages where you can go snorkelling or scuba diving with your family.

8. Sandspit Beach

Sandspit Beach is a well-known tourist destination. Algae and crabs are among the many species of marine life found here. Swimming and sunbathing are both possible in the shallow seas. Its rocky formation is remarkable. In Karachi, Sandspit Beach is a famous hangout and leisure area. Horseback riding and camel riding are available at Sandspit Beach.

9. Cape Monze Beach

It is located near the Hub River. It is a 25-kilometre coastal belt comprising rocks and sand. This part of the coast is actually the property of the Sindh Revenue Department. To reach the destination, you have two routes; First, from Mauripur Road, which was formerly known as the Hawk’s Bay Road and the other one is via Mubarak Goth Road.

10. Sunehra Beach

Golden Beach, near Mubarak Village Road, is a fantastic beach for families. Sonera Beach is a popular fishing site in Karachi, as well as a popular tourist destination during vacations and weekends. Visitors come from all over the world to experience the enjoyment of catching fish and then sharing a meal with friends. Visitors may participate in a variety of sporting activities such as driving boats, taking a swim on the beach, lying down in the sea, driving boats, playing games, and riding camels.

11. Devil's Point

Devil point is a beach near DHA Phase 8. it is a relaxing point in Karachi. But why this beach is called Devil's point, no one knows the exact reason for this. One reason is told among karachiites that, Best car and bike riders from Karachi came here to do racing, wheeling, and driving. That's why many accidents take place here. Despite this, people came here and spent their time sitting and watching the blue water.

12. Korangi Creek

Korangi creek is a cantonment town. It is currently under the control of the Pakistan Army. 

13. Blue Sea Beach

Blue sea Beach is located at goth manchar Road, Karachi. For the first time in Pakistan, Blue Water Resort provides fantastic sea and shore activities. Where you may enjoy a fantastic level of luxury while making treasured memories. 

14. Paradise Point

This is another picnic spot in Karachi. Which has many locations to visit. From Karachi, use Mubarak Goth Road to reach Paradise Point Beach. 

15. Manora Island Beach

Manora is a small peninsula located near Karachi port. The island is about a 15–20-minute boat journey from mainland Karachi.

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