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Faisalabad is Pakistan's 3rd largest city and it has many beautiful places to visit in Faisalabad. The old name of Faisalabad is Lyallpur. It is known as an industrial city in Pakistan and is also known as the best place to visit in Faisalabad. Faisalabad weather is hot in summer but weekly rain will cool down the hot weather.

Faisalabad is the third-largest city in Pakistan and the second-largest in the province of Punjab. The city has a population of over 7 million and is an important industrial centre in Pakistan.

Faisalabad is the second-largest in the eastern province of Punjab. Historically one of the first planned cities within British India, it has long since grown into a bustling metropolis with a population of over three million. 

Faisalabad is an industrial powerhouse, often referred to as the "Manchester of Pakistan", and is home to many large-scale textile and manufacturing businesses. Faisalabad is also a major agricultural producer, with some of the most fertile farmland in Pakistan. The surrounding region is known for its plentiful crops, and the city itself is a major hub for Pakistan's textile industry.

In this blog, I will tell you about the top 10 famous places to visit in Faisalabad.

1. Lyallpur Museum

This museum is one of the top leading heritage museums in Pakistan. Lyallpur Museum in Faisalabad consists of ten different galleries. In these galleries, all objects are displayed in order. Different school students from Faisalabad come here to do a study tour. 

2. Aqualand Water Park

Aqualand was established near Kashmir pull on the west canal road in Faisalabad. This swimming pool is the best place for enjoyment in Faisalabad. During the time of the swimming period, good and foolproof security is provided by the administration. Well maintained canteen established in the Water park area. This place is not for the family only male members of the family or friends can enter there. 

3. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Auditorium

The Auditorium is the part of a public building where people sit, as distinct from the stage. One side is for the audience sitting and the opposite side is a stage, where different activities are done which are dependent on the event. 

The walls and ceiling of the auditorium normally include hidden light and soundproofing, as well as air extracts or inlets, and may be ornately designed. This Auditorium has a seating capacity of 5500 people for each event hosted there. This Auditorium is located next to Mai di Jhuggi.

4. Ghanta Ghar Faisalabad

Since the British Raj, this clock tower has been one of the oldest structures in the city. One of the most attractive features of this building is that it is standing in the centre of the eight markets. It is so breathtaking looking. These Bazar are known as The Eight bazaars of Faisalabad. 

5. Gumti Fountain

This Water Fountain is a British Raj-era landmark in Faisalabad, Pakistan. It was erected in the early 1800s and served as a common gathering space for city residents for local town meetings. The construction is still standing today and has been converted into a traffic roundabout with a functioning water fountain in the centre. 

6. Tomb of Sir James Lyall

Faisalabad was known as Lyallpur until 1979, after Lieutenant Governor of Punjab Sir Charles James Lyall. Following his death, a mausoleum was built in his honour, and it has since become one of Faisalabad's most well-known historic structures.

7. Gatwala Forest Park Faisalabad

This wildlife park is located 20km from the Clock Tower Faisalabad. You will be finding it much more attractive because of the green parks and the amazing flowing canals and wildlife that fascinate the visitors. The wide green parks in Gatwala Park have a few rides for children, flowing canals running through the park, a bamboo-growing region, large woodland sections, and two lakes. One lake is used for boating, while the other is home to numerous crocodiles.

8. Kohinoor Shopping Mall Faisalabad

The Kohinoor shopping mall is situated on Jaranwala road. This is taken as one of the largest marketplaces malls in Faisalabad city that is the main centre place of the Garments, Computer market, Refreshment centre and much more.

9. D Ground Park

This park is brimming with natural splendour. For nature enthusiasts, this park is a wonderful spot to visit. D Ground Park is located in the city's well-known Shah rah e Faisal neighbourhood. This park is mostly visited by families and kids.

10. Qaiseri Gate

Qaisery gate is located in front of the Gumti fountain in Faisalabad. This gumti structure still exists in its original form. Qaiseri gate is a great heritage to showcase the history of the British raj. 

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