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Gujranwala is a city in Punjab, Pakistan. Gujranwala is the 17th largest city in Pakistan. Gujranwala is an industrial city with many factories and mills. The city is also known for its agriculture, with many crops grown in the surrounding area. Gujranwala is a major transport hub, with a large railway station and an airport. The city is also home to a number of educational institutions, including the University of Gujranwala and a number of colleges. Gujranwala is the City of Wrestlers (pehalwano ka shehar) and Gujranwala is also famous for its desi food. Gujranwala is the 5th largest city in Pakistan. The population of Gujranwala is about 2 million.

1. Ranjeet Singh Haveli

Maharaja Ranjit Singh (Lion of Punjab) is the most prominent ruler of Punjab. This structure is approximately 236 Years Old. Gujranwala's Ranjeet Singh Haveli is located on the corner of Fish Market. The building is in terrible condition because of the lack of government intrigue. Still, this location has shown the great architecture of that time. 

2. Fun Dunya Amusement Park

Fun Duniya is a brand-new addition to Gujranwala's Fun Land. It is the most appealing location for children and teenagers. It draws the majority of families to the neighbourhood, and Fazal Centre's business has increased by 500 percent since the launch of Fun Duniya. Because it is a one-of-a-kind attraction with a variety of rides including trains, cup rides, racing cars, and other amusements. Fun Dunya park's entry is free, but other things such as food, attractions, and play area are not free you should pay for them. 

3. Nishan e Manzil

Nishan Manzil is situated in the Gujranwala cantonment almost 15 miles from the main city. Moreover, it is in reality the cleanest Place in this industrial city. Furthermore, across the road, there is a Jogging track. This place is very beautiful, old and famous among the tourist who comes here from across the world. 

4. Temple of Toomri

Gujranwala is a historic city with many historical sites to see. One of the places is Toomri Temple. This is a Baba Sai Das mandir, which was a Vishnu symbol. Prior to the partition, large social festivals were held here, and the location has a significant role in Hindu mythology. 

5. Abdul Nabi Khan Mausoleum

The Abdul Nabi Khan Mausoleum rises gracefully from the meadows about a half kilometre northeast of the town of Kotli Maqbara. It was likely constructed in the era of Shah Jehan, but no definitive historical evidence links it to any particular person. 

6. Lodhi-era Mosque of Eminabad

This mosque was constructed during the Lodhi dynasty in the 15th century, making it one of Pakistan's oldest standing mosques. 

7. Gulshan e Iqbal Park Gujranwala

Gulshan Iqbal Park Gujranwala is such a great place in Gujranwala. This is the main attraction of this city Tourists would love to visit this site and explore the beauty of this city. Gulshan-Iqbal Park Gujranwala entry is free of cost, but other things such as food, attractions, and play area are not free you should pay for them. Gulshan-Iqbal Park Gujranwala is open from 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM.

8. Atmaramji Shrine

The Atmaramji shrine is located at the intersection of Grand Trunk Road and Parao Road in downtown Gujranwala. Constructed from the tail end of the 19th century into the early 20th. 

9. Clock Tower Gujranwala

The clock tower is situated at a significant intersection. The round road, on the other hand, is not just a symbolic element but also a startling experience. Estcourt Clock Tower is a one-of-a-kind monument in Pakistan, standing 101 feet tall and crowned by shikra, a pyramidal dome with a white eight-petal lotus design in relief at the base and an inverted lotus at the top. The tower is built on an octagonal base with a 32-foot diameter circle carved into it. The tower has seven stories. The tower used to be available to the public for tours, but it is currently closed.

10. Sheranwala Bagh

This Bagh is built by the father of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Mahan Singh in 1788. It may have been constructed concurrently with the Mahan Singh Samadhi (tomb) in the 1830s. 

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