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Sahiwal is a city in the Punjab province of Pakistan with a population of over 4 lakhs and is situated between Lahore and Multan. Sahiwal's old name was Montgomery. Sahiwal is 180 km from Lahore. Sahiwal is an industrial city with around 1700 industries.  Sahiwal is home to many Top-rated tourist places. There are many beautiful places in Sahiwal. 
The Sahiwal cow is a native breed of zebu cattle from the Sahiwal district of Punjab Province in Pakistan. The Sahiwal is one of the world's most productive dairy cows, with milk production of up to 8,000 kg per lactation. The milk of the Sahiwal cow is high in fat and protein content and has a distinctive flavour.
The Sahiwal cow is well adapted to the hot, dry climate of the Sahiwal district. The breed is known for its hardiness and disease resistance. Sahiwal cows are also known for their docile temperament and high milk yield.

Tanveer Rajput TV collected data on the top 10 places to visit in Sahiwal. There are many famous places in Sahiwal and some of them are beautiful places in Sahiwal. There are also some historical places in Sahiwal. People from all over the world and people from Sahiwal love these beautiful places which are also Sahiwal's popular places. In this blog, we will show you the top 10 beautiful places to visit in Sahiwal. Here’s a look at the 10 best places to visit in Sahiwal.

1. Harappa Museum

Harappa is an archaeological site located 35 km from Sahiwal city. Harappa is a Bronze Age city that was inhabited in 2600 years BC. In Harappa, the Indus Valley Civilization has been found. The Harappan Museum houses rare artefacts from the ancient city that add to the significance of Sahiwal.

2. Yadgar-e-Sahiwal

This monument is located near the railway road. According to the monument, MA Ashraf has written in his book on the history of Sahiwal. That is why the place is known as Yadgar Sahiwal.

3. Zafar Ali Stadium

Zafar Ali Stadium is located near the memorial in Sahiwal city. The stadium is used for many purposes, such as cricket or football tournament matches. The stadium is named after Maulana Zafar Ali Khan.

4. Kanaan Park

Kanaan Park is located near the Yadgar monument, next to the canal. This park is the most famous park in Sahiwal. Kanaan Park also has a zoo with many animals and birds.

5. College Chowk

College Square is a beautiful monument. The square (Chowk) is located 2 kilometres from Kanaan Park. This monument is so beautiful that it is a perfect spot for taking selfies.

6. Shuhda Masjid

The mosque is one and a half kilometres away from College Chowk. The mosque was built in memory of the soldiers who were martyred in the 1971 war. The mosque was built in Turkish style which looks beautiful to the visitors.

7. Sahiwal Coal Power Plant

It is located in Sahiwal. This plant is a part of CPEC.

8. Taj Mahal Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Sahiwal. It is also a wedding hall. This Restaurant is located in Chichawatni.

9. Ravi River Bridge

The city of Sahiwal is situated on the banks of the river Ravi. That is why another tourist destination of Sahiwal is the bridge over the river Ravi which offers the best view of the river.

10. Dargah Baba Muhammad Panah

This Darbar is located far from Sahiwal city but the history of this Darbar is very important. Visitors from all over the country visit this Dargah every year.

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