10 Historical Places in Tharparkar Sindh

Tharparkar is considered a backward area of ​​Sindh because Tharparkar is located on the border of Pakistan and India. Tharparkar is the largest district in Sindh by area. The majority of Tharparkar people consist of the Hindu community. Tharparkar is the 18th desert in the world. Tharparkar is a very unusual dessert. Tharparkar is home to many famous peoples like Mai Bhagi who is also known as the "The Koyal of the Thar" because of her beautiful voice. Rai Chand Rathore a writer or historian is also one of them.

Tharparkar is home to many Top-rated tourist places. There are many beautiful places in Tharparkar. Tanveer Rajput TV collected data on the top 10 places to visit in Tharparkar. There are many famous places in Tharparkar and some of them are beautiful places in Tharparkar. There are also some historical places in Tharparkar. People from all over the world and people from Tharparkar love these beautiful places which are also Tharparkar popular places. In this video, we will show you the top 10 beautiful places to visit in Thar. Here’s a look at the 10 best places to visit in Thar.

1. Karoonjhar Mountain

Karoonjhar Mountain is located in Nagarparkar. The hill is rich in granite, limestone, marble and china clay. The mountains of Karoonjhar are 19 km long and their height is about 305 meters. Karoonjhar hill is also mentioned in Sindhi and Gujarati poetry.

2. Bodhesar Mosque

This white pillar mosque in Bhodesar is a small marble and limestone structure near the pond which was built in 1436 AD. It was built by Mahmud Shah bin Zafar Shah, the ruler of Gujarat. Masjid Nagarparkar is located at a distance of 5 km from the city.

3. Bodhesar Temples

Near the foot of Karoonjhar Hill, there are 3 Jain temples, which are smaller than each other. Between 1375 and 1449, these constructions are thought to have been created.

4. Gori Temple

The beauty of your love is more advice than architecture. The body is covered with Jodhpuri Stone and Pure Marble. Gori Temple is located 22 km north of Gori Mandir Verava.

5. Churrio Jabal

There is a Hindu temple on such a hill due to which about 200,000 Hindus visit here every year. There is also multi-coloured granite on the Churrio hill, which is mined. Because expensive minerals are being smuggled, which poses a threat to the existing Hindu temples here.

6. Noukot Fort

Noukot fort is also known as the "gateway to Tharparkar". The Noukot fort was established in 1814. It was founded by Mir Karam Ali Khan Talpur. The purpose of the fort was to protect the Rajputs.

7. Viravah Temple

Viravah temple is located about 24 km north of Nagarparkar town and stands near the ruined ruins of Pari Nagar which is believed to be an ancient port that was either destroyed by the armies of the Emperor of Delhi in 1226 Or by an Earthquake. It is made entirely of white marble and consists of an open group of pillars with a carved capital. Remains of buildings of which this single structure could have been a part are still nearby. The stone is now housed in the National Museum of Pakistan in Karachi.

8. Marvi Well

The Marvi well is located about 30 km north of Nangarhar. Omar Marvi is a Sindhi folk love story. It is also mentioned in Shah Jo Risalo. Marvi was a Sindhi heroine known for her chastity, patriotism and simplicity. Marvi found her idol in the field, a cousin who lived in a neighbouring village.

9. Jain Temple

Nagarparkar's Jain Temple is located at the western end of the city's main bazaar. The real name of the temple is not known, but because of its proximity to the bazaar, locals call it "Bazaar Mandir".

10. Mithi Town

Mithi is a tehsil in the Tharparkar district which has a large area of ​​Thar. Where the only fertile desert in the world exists and consists of barren areas of sand dunes covered with thorny bushes.

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