10 Places to Visit in Khuzdar Balochistan Pakistan


Khuzdar is a district in Balochistan. Khuzdar is Balochistan's 3rd largest City. Khuzdar is famous for its waterfalls and greenery landscapes. Khuzdar is home to many Top-rated tourist places. There are many historical places in Khuzdar. Tanveer Rajput TV collected data on the top places to visit in Khuzdar Balochistan. In this blog, we will show you the top historical and amazing places to visit in Khuzdar. Following are the top things to do in Khuzdar Pakistan.

1. Pir Chattal

Pir Chattal

2. Moola Chotak

3. Moola River

4. Khori Dam

5. Charoo Waterfalls

6. Chota Chotok

7. Valley of Junipers on Darra Khel

8. Firozabad

9. Arbab Termenal

10. Palantak Koh

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