Helsinki Walking Tour and Tales - The City of Bicycles and Beauty - Capital of Finland


Helsing is a big city with lots of people. It is a busy place, but on Saturday it is less crowded. This makes it easier to get things done and enjoy the day. The sky is usually very clear and the buildings are beautiful.

Nearby, there is a train station and some apartment houses. People like to ride bicycles here, just like in the Netherlands. There are more bicycles than people sometimes!

Today is July 22nd and it's summer, so the weather is warm. People say it's like our hot season back home. There are many shops around, including a Japanese store called Muji. They have everything from stationery to clothes.

There is also a road where cars and trams run side by side. It can get busy with traffic, but it's still a nice place to be.

City of Choices and Safety

I said there are two sides to this city. On one side, there are many people who can't afford a car or don't want one. So, they have options like the metro and buses. This city has so many choices!

By the way, one great thing about this city is that it has lots of places to visit during the summer. People come here from all over to see what it has to offer.

Even though our (Muslim) population is growing quickly, the streets are still safe. This is because everyone helps each other out. Look at how kids can walk around alone after school without any problems.

Kids in this city even get to travel to other countries for school trips! Their parents feel safe and secure sending them off to learn about new cultures and visit museums.

At the end of the day, everyone in this community works together to make it a great place to live.

Exploring Senate Square's Charm

We are going to Senate Square because there is no other square in every town. The weather is a bit strange, with rain coming and going four times already. When it rains, we go inside, and when it stops, we come back out.

This place is beautiful and has wide footpaths. There are many restaurants, shops, and cafes in this area called Paint Street. This is also known as Paint Town Square or Senate Square.

We will now walk towards Helsinki Street and see the different places there. Some places are closed, but there are still some nice spots to visit. Let's continue walking and enjoy our time at Senate Square.

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