Is Dajjal located in Pakistan's Astole Island


Journey to Jassasah's Island

One day, a man (Hazrat Tamim Dari R.A) told a story (Sahih Muslim 2942) about his exciting journey. He said that he and some friends were travelling from Arab to the East when a storm came. Their ship lost its way, and after a month, they reached an island.

On the island, they met a strange creature who was all black and had many wings. The creature called itself Jassasah. The people asked what kind of creature it was, but it told them to go to a temple on the island where someone was waiting for them.

In the temple, they found a person chained up. This person asked three questions: if there were any fruits on the trees of Baisan, if there was water in the Lake Tiberias (Sea of Galilee, in Northern Israel), and about a prophet who had moved from Mecca to Medina. They answered yes to all these questions.

trees of Baisan and Lake Tiberias

The chained person then said that he was Dajjal and would soon be free to go everywhere except Medina. The people told this story to others, who believed it was true. They learned that Dajjal was in the sea toward the East but not in Yemen.

There are four islands in this area: Lakshadweep near India, Astola Island near Pakistan, and two others near Yemen. The story said Dajjal would not be in the sea near Yemen, so these two islands were not important.

Astola Island

The connection between the Hadith and Astola Island

A line drawn from Medina to where Dajjal was supposed to be passed over Astola Island. This is where the strange temple with the chained person might have been.

Medina and Astola Island location

There should be some remains of a temple on India's island, but there isn't. However, in Pakistan's Astola Island, there is a temple. But this is an old story from 1450 years ago. The temple was built 2000 years ago by Kali Mata, the most dangerous and scary Hindu goddess. She looks very frightening, and her attraction is a lot of wealth.

Do you remember the strange creature that Hazrat Tamim Dari R.A. talked about? It matches this Hindu god. But if you visit Pakistan's island today, you won't know if Dajjal is free or not. However, this attraction has something to do with the famous band Rolling Stones from the 1970s.

The Rolling Stones were inspired by Kali Mata and their logo became very famous. They are considered one of the greatest bands of all time. Their music and movies have been shared around the world. Is it a coincidence or maybe not?

Today, many tourists visit Astola island, but they have not found Dajjal there, it may be possible that it would go somewhere where he find his followers.

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